Having a motto or mantra for your small business has the power to keep your company focused and moving forward. It helps keep your employees motivated and informs customers about how your business makes their world a better place. The most successful businesses have memorable mantras that transcend typical demographics and are synonymous with their brand names.

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Examples of memorable business motto

  • It’s better by air – Air Courier International
  • Have a break. –KitKat
  • Just do it. –Nike
  • Every Little Helps. –Tesco

Three things a business mantra can do for small business owners

A solid motto is integral to building company culture. Since many businesses make their mottos known and use them regularly, it can offer guidance to your staff and confidence to your customers. Google’s company mantra, “Do the right thing,” reflects its corporate code of conduct. It’s about not only delivering goods and services but treating others with respect and acting honorably.

Another way a motto can serve your business is by setting consistent expectations. For example, say it’s time for a store inventory. If your company mantra is “Work hard, play hard,” the decision to stay later to complete the work is reinforced. On the flip side, it acknowledges that once the job is finished, the fun begins. That fun could be throwing a staff pizza party or planning an outing. Your employees know what to expect.

Finally, mottos can motivate and empower your customers. The motto, ‘It’s better by air,’ tells consumers that shipping options with are endless, available, and are a much better experience with us (usage of the word ‘air’ being in both the company name and our motto). Just four words can wield enough influence to encourage a customer to choose Air Courier over another company. Another example is Airbnb’s mantra, “Belong anywhere with Airbnb.” It tells consumers that travel is limitless in their hands.

What makes a powerful business mantra or motto?

An effective mantra is a short sentence or phrase that embodies the beliefs or ideals behind your business. Some small business mottos can come directly from your mission statement or they can be a mix of your company’s core values. Generally speaking, the best mottos are one sentence that reflects your company’s philosophy.

Unlike mission statements, your small business motto is constant. It remains steadfast and withstands external market changes. Mottos should be clear, concise, memorable and core to your business’ ethos.

How to create your business mantra

Choose words that resonate with you. Mottos should motivate and promote your business but also say something about you. Remember to stay focused on one idea, be concise and keep it simple. Fewer words have more power and are easier to remember.

Once you’ve decided on a mantra, start talking about it. Use it in your marketing materials and tell your employees about it. By making it authentic and memorable, your customers will make an emotional connection with your business. Combining that connection with great service and products will keep them coming back for more.

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