The Challenge

Being based outside of London, but having tourists as a major source of revenue requires creative thinking in terms of encouraging those visitors to come and enhancing their experience when they get there. As part of a project to accomplish this, Bicester Village set out to provide shipping services for visitors and tasked a variety of suppliers with producing a proposal of services based on the demographics available.

The Process

Air Courier Worldwide Express t/a Air Courier International spent time with Village management, and with other existing external suppliers in different sectors to ascertain the type of tourists that currently visited, and their highest priorities in being offered a transport solution. We then came up with a low cost solution for same night deliveries back in to central London hotels, and next day delivery across the UK. To further enhance the offering, low cost fully insured international shipping was essential, and this too was a part of our proposal. By combining collections for different high end brands within the Village with collections for visiting shoppers, we were able to minimise costs for both client types, and our detailed and comprehensive proposal was unanimously accepted by the client.

The Results

An automated, highly efficient local, national and international delivery system is now in place and running successfully from the Bicester Visitor Centre, and centre staff receive regular training to ensure new services and improvements are fully exploited. An already successful enterprise, this major shopping destination now boasts a truly complete and streamlined set of services to offer its visitors.

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