Peepover 2014

The Challenge

Distoy is a four-day international toy event held in 2 Central London luxury venues and is considered to be one of the major events in the international toy calendar. By definition, the samples being brought to and taken away from the venue can be bulky and fragile, and logistics has always been a major problem for the exhibition organisers. In particular, exhibitors were previously leaving boxes for their carriers to collect from the venues, and then finding that the carrier either failed to collect at all, or refused to collect due to lack of paperwork. This caused significant problems both for the organisers, the exhibitors and the venues.

The Process

The organisers engaged Air Courier Worldwide Express t/a Air Courier International to simplify the return process in our first year with the exhibition, to ensure all items left behind reached their destinations and were removed from site promptly after the end of the exhibition. We spent time contacting all exhibitors to ensure they were aware that we were becoming involved and could provide a cost effective and secure return service for their samples. We also had a desk installed at reception, manned by Air Courier Worldwide Express t/a Air Courier International staff, to give immediate on site shipping advice and service to exhibitors.

The Results

The venue was cleared of all return items on the day the exhibition finished, and all items were labelled and processed on site before being transported off site to our warehouse for final packing and despatch. The exhibitors received peace of mind that their samples would be back at their office safely, securely and promptly, and the organisers no longer had to play an active part in the process. As a result of the successful implementation of return services, Air Courier Worldwide Express t/a Air Courier International now provide full logistic support to the exhibition, and all samples are received to our warehouse in advance of the exhibition, and then installed by our team in the correct exhibition room on the weekend prior to the exhibition. As per the initial year, we then remove all samples from site and despatch back to the exhibitors. Both the organisers and the exhibitors now receive a complete service backed up with customer support and world class after sales.

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