Fraudulent Use of Air Courier International’s Name

It has come to our attention that the Air Courier International name and brand (along with that of many other courier companies) has been used in a number of online scams in order to solicit money from vulnerable members of the public. We are appalled at the behaviour of the individuals and groups responsible, and reiterate that they have no connection with Air Courier International Ltd.

It is good practice to verify the identity of any person you contact online before parting with sensitive information or money. A google search of Air Courier International will show you our official page on the third entry. Our homepage of is the only one that we use, and any emails from any other domain are not from us.

We will never ask for money to be sent to us by Western Union or any other untraceable source. In fact, most of the business we conduct is UK based and therefore we are exceptionally unlikely to contact you for payment unless you have had dealings with us already and you are aware of exactly what we are requesting payment for.

This bulletin does not affect the obligation of a consignee to pay shipping, duty VAT or similar charges that legitimately incurred and are properly payable at the time of or after delivery.

Air Courier International cannot accept any responsibility for any costs, charges or payments made as a result of fraudulent activity. If you have been the victim of such a fraud, or have received a fraudulent email purporting to represent Air Courier International or any other legitimate courier company you can report it to the police via