How are we supporting our Corporate Clients?

Here at Air Courier International, we have a client base across a wide range of different industries. We pride ourselves on giving a bespoke customer service experience that sets us apart from the larger carriers. Each corporate client’s needs and requirements vary from industry to industry which is where our wealth of knowledge and experience comes into play.  We offer a wide range of services to suit every shipping request, and our customer service team are always at the end of the telephone to assist. 

We have adapted seamlessly to the ever changing working restrictions and guidelines and have realised that the standard working day, due to the increase in the remote workforce, is no longer nine-to-five. To ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, we have extended our customer service team to adhere to 24-hour assistance. There will always be a member of our team to answer your call, email, or whatsapp, even on the weekend and holidays.  

Alongside this upgrade, below is an outline as to how you will be supported as a corporate client if you book any of our services. 

From March last year, we have developed our services to cater for the changing needs of our clients.  As many people are working from home, we have made sure we are available to collect from home addresses, and that supplies of pouches and packing equipment is with those that need it.  As early as March last year we released a contactless signature option on our delivery and collection app, meaning clients could still sign for deliveries if they prefer to, whilst using their own phones’.

Perhaps the most important function within many of our client’s teams has been the IT department, as staff lucky enough to not be furloughed need their kit up and running at home, and for repairs to be swift and efficient.  By offering diverse services including swap outs, wait and returns, and dedicated vehicles for items that cannot be packed for whatever reason, we have kept our clients’ workforces running at full speed, mitigating the negative effects on businesses that Covid has inevitably brought with it.

Our dedicated support office is keeping track on all of this for you, so once you have made your booking, you know it will be dealt with efficiently and professionally, liaising directly with end users to make sure there are no unwanted delays.

And to our corporate clients, thank-YOU for supporting us, as well as the other way round.

Please contact us on 0203 790 8786 or