Sustainability: Delivering on our Promise

We have always been environmentally aware but from the beginning of 2021 we set a goal to be more proactive with delivering on our sustainability promise.  As a company, we have set out to become more environmentally friendly through various avenues.  Our service is still our top priority but the environment is way up there in our pecking order, therefore we have done much research into alternative materials that could be used for our packaging and office stationery.  We simply want to share with you our developments, and how you may notice the changes. 


All of our pouches have been recyclable for a number of years; however, we have now sourced an even more environmentally friendly material and to highlight this, we have placed the recyclable symbol on these new pouches just to remind you. This means, when you want to throw them away, they can go straight into your recycling bin.  As Sustainability has been a top focus this year, we are researching even further into compostable and biodegradable pouches. For now, the technology is not quite there for demands of courier and shipping and the safe delivery of your packages is paramount.  We are consistently reviewing the newest advances in the packaging industry, and as soon as we test a batch that is up to standard, we will make the switch.

Our Company mascot loving the new pouches!


Similarly, to the pouches, from this point, all our tape is fully recyclable and can avoid landfills if disposed of correctly at home or at the office. We are currently trialing two new paper-based parcel tapes that are also compostable. If, after our trials, they meet our stringent measures, we will be crossing over.  

Packing Peanuts (Chips) and Boxes
From 2019 we have ensured that all of our packing materials are eco-friendly, all materials used for packing purposes are not only biodegradable but compostable as well.  



At our HQ, we have moved to the more eco-friendly LED lights. This was quite are large undertaking as the square footage and ceiling heights of both office and warehouse spaces is considerable, making sustainability hard to achieve. These LED lights produce more ‘lumens’ than the traditional lightbulbs and have a lifespan of nearly 25 years, and they use the least energy for the most output which allows us to be energy efficient without compromising service. 

Working From Home

Since the start of the Pandemic the implementation of remote working has had an enormous impact on our carbon footprint. We too, initially through necessity, ensured that some of our teams were well equipped to work safely and efficiently from home. However, since the end of lockdown we have continued with this strategy where we can, as the benefits for both the environment and the wellbeing of our staff are irrefutable. 

Plastic Usage

We have endeavored to remove as much plastic from our HQ as possible and have replaced all plastic cups with biodegradable ones and have supplied all of our teams with our exclusive branded reusable water bottles, which means less waste. All of our branded masks are washable and reusable and are supplied to all team members within HQ and on the road. 

Looking to the Future 

We are currently looking to move our fleet of vans to fully electric vehicles and our target for this to be achieved is 2022. The team are working really hard and researching vehicles that meet the demands of a very busy courier company.   We are nearly there and will keep you updated as to our progress, not just with the vans but as to any upgrades we make to ensure that Air Courier International delivers on its environmental responsibilities.