We want your goods to arrive safely at their destination, in the same condition you send them in, so it is important to make sure they are properly packaged before collection. 

Your parcel will travel down automated sorting systems and can be turned onto its side or upside down. All packages are handled by multiple people, all of whom are working under very exact time constraints to get your parcel delivered on time. 

  1. Always use new or undamaged boxes and packaging

It is extremely important to cushion the contents of your consignment properly. Ensure you wrap each item separately. Fragile items need separation from each other and from the corners, sides, top and bottom of the box. Each item must be surrounded by at least 2 inches of cushioning, this prevents any of your products being damaged by hitting any other items within the same parcel and protects contents from external shock and vibration. The contents should not move when you shake the container.  

There are some great cushioning products on the market now including bubble wrap, inflatable air bags, expanded polystyrene chips and engineered foam enclosures.  

Fragile items such as electronics, glass, ceramics, and artwork require special packaging for safe shipment. Packages containing these and comparable items may require added cushioning or a double (over) box. 

  1. Remove old labels

It is imperative that there are no previous consignment numbers or barcodes visible on the box. Any hazardous or dangerous goods labelling must also be removed as this can cause delays.