We have always been environmentally aware, but as of the start of 2021, we set a goal to be more proactive with delivering on our sustainability promise. As a company, we have set out to become more environmentally friendly through various avenues. Our service is still our top priority, but the environment is increasingly under threat, therefore we set out to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We are continuously sourcing and upgrading our courier materials, packaging and office stationery, alongside research into electric vans and other energy saving strategies.  


In 2019 our packing peanuts and boxes became eco-friendly and from 2020 are now not only biodegradable, but compostable as well. All our pouches and tape have been recyclable for several years. However, we have now sourced an even more environmentally friendly material for our pouches: this means they are completely recyclable.  We have also sourced a promising solution for bubble wrap and are currently testing the durability of the material – watch this space. As sustainability has been our focus we are researching even further into compostable and biodegradable pouches. For now, the technology is not there for the demands of courier and shipping and the safe delivery of your packages is paramount. We are consistently reviewing the newest advances in the packaging industry, and as soon as we test a batch that is up to standard, we will make the switch. 


At our HQ, we have moved to eco-friendlier LED lights that produce more ‘lumens’ than traditional lightbulbs and: have a lifespan of 25 years, use the least energy for the most output which allows us to be energy efficient without compromising service. This was quite a large undertaking as the square footage and ceiling heights of both office and warehouse spaces is considerable, making sustainability hard to achieve. During covid we implemented flexible working, and this has dramatically reduced our carbon footprint. We have continued with this strategy where we can, as the benefits for both the environment and the wellbeing of our staff are irrefutable. We have removed as much plastic from our HQ as possible, supplying all our teams with our branded reusable water bottles. All our branded masks are washable and reusable and are supplied to all team members within HQ and on the road.  

Looking to the Future

We are looking to start switching to electric vehicles, and our target is 2025. The team are working hard and researching vehicles that meet the demands of a remarkably busy and industrious courier company. We will continue to update our clients on the advances that Air Courier International makes to ensure we deliver on our environmental responsibilities.