As many of our lifelong customers will tell you, our specialty services are where we really excel. We are known for making the impossiblepossible. From time-critical deliveries to our white glove service, we really have covered all bases. We have been given incredibly difficult tasks, and we always strive to find a solution. With our 24/7 customer service, we can talk you through every step of the delivery process so you know exactly where your parcel is and precisely when it will arrive at its destination. We encourage you to call us to discuss specific needs and unique requirements as we have a team of experienced and highly trained customer service operators that will find a solution or a bespoke service just for you.  


When time really is of the essence, and our standard express service is simply not quick enough, we have a range of options to meet the tightest of deadlines. Our team can devise individual solutions for individual shipments that simply must arrive on time. Am and 9am deliveries to Europe and across the planet are available, subject to customs clearance at the destination. We can push back the collection times as far as possible to help you prepare your shipment and we can run special vehicles to get your shipment to the airport just in time for its flight. And throughout, we will keep you abreast of developments at key points in the collection and delivery process, as we personally monitor the journey and track your important consignment from start to finish. You tell us when it must arrive, and we will find a way of making that happen, wherever it is physically possible. 

Working with Air Courier is simple and easy. From the moment we contact the team either via phone, WhatsApp or email, we know that our query/request will be taken care of with utmost professionalism. All steps, from pre-booking advice all the way to billing, are dealt with an incredible attention to detail by all the friendly team members at Air Courier.

Jose, Concierge

The Savoy


By using a combination of direct van, flight or train services into the EU and the broader European continent, we can offer same day delivery into our nearest neighbouring countries. We have a network of drivers at our disposal with experience of cross border movements and the required paperwork. We have regular direct van services to France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg and we can piggyback on these regular services where possible in addition to our dedicated van services. We take care of all customs requirements and provide monitored, tracked services and we remain in direct contact with the courier throughout the delivery process. Again, we keep you informed throughout, giving you as much or as little information as you require, but all the time monitoring the entire delivery process for your peace of mind. It might be an important document, or someone’s luggage that was forgotten in London, but it is all equally important to us, because we care as much as you do about your crucial same day delivery. 



The ultimate and original international courier service, on board couriers are how our industry first started. Whilst the need for an accompanying courier is not necessary any longer for general services, it remains the single quickest and most efficient way to get an important shipment to another part of the world. We use commercial flights where available to meet your deadline, but where that still is not quick enough, we have relationships with and access to chartered jet providers to make sure we are getting the quickest physical delivery possible. Our highly experienced couriers are well travelled and well versed with immigration and customs borders around the world, and we keep couriers on our books with travel visas to key destinations in order we can call on them at short notice. On landing, we will have planned for immediate transfer to delivery point, where the same courier that collected your shipment, will deliver it to your recipient personally. And our team on the ground are also experienced in working under extreme time pressure to make that booking, get the courier to the right flight, and confirm all air travel, land transfers (and accommodation if necessary), meaning the courier has less stress and more time to concentrate on being with your consignee as quickly and efficiently as possible. Put simply, there is no quicker way to meet your delivery requirements for ultra-time-critical shipments. 


You and your team are the best in the business…I wish you the best for years to come.’

Ahmed, Concierge

Carlton Tower


Sometimes, a shipment just needs that extra care and attention, and our white glove service meets that need. Dedicated collections, IATA packing and crating, monitored services throughout the delivery process. All of these are included in this high-level service offering, meaning you can have total peace of mind that our team are looking after your important consignment from the minute it is booked. Because your shipment is not travelling in a collection vehicle with other shipments, it is getting the First-Class treatment as it makes its way to our Heathrow base, or to our IATA certified Export Packer situated less than a mile from us. This continues as it is given priority with our packers and ourselves, as we take pictures of the packing process, documenting the same and raising customs clearance documents. It is labelled as Priority/Must Fly with the airline or carrier, and we again monitor from the wheels up, to touch down, to recover from customs to delivery to your consignee. And we keep you posted throughout, meaning you can get on with more productive tasks, knowing we are handling your delivery in a way you would yourself. If you had a pair of white gloves as special as ours!